kim kardashian and kendall kylie jenner slammed for texting during ferguson moment of silence at vmas

They’re some of the most avid social media moguls on the planet, but when Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner failed to ditch their phones during the2014 MTV Video Music Awards last night (August 24), they may have made a huge mistake.

At one point in the show, rapper Common asked the audience at The Forum in Inglewood, California to observe a moment of silence for slain man Michael Brown and the people of Ferguson, Missourri.

However, Kim and her two younger sisters could be seen texting on their cell phones during the duration of the pause, and fans took to Twitter to voice disapproval.

One woman wrote, “An extra-special f–k you to the kardashian-jenner girls for texting during a moment of silence for ferguson,”while another shared, “I’m sorry that the moment of silence for Ferguson was interrupting the Kardashian’s social life. What complete a-holes.”

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